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Wooden Bikes!

wooden bikes

The ultimate DIY ride, see more at


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Lego Ware

lego bricks used to build a diy harware case

Now here is a great idea for custom casing, Lego bricks! Looks like you can get switch bricks and led bricks in all those fab primary colours. Just add your nerdy sound hardware idea and go!

I first saw it over at: thanks to my mate Sasquelch

Lots of great DIY live stuff here – like this great first timer’s round up

The original Lego post is at:

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Jeck Decks

I just got back from hearing a solid set from the legendary turntablist Phillip Jeck. I thought you might like to see his rig.

jeck decks

A pair of sweet ’60’s TTs (78-45-33-16), 2xMDs for beddage, a Boss delay pedal keepin’ it loopy and a venerable Casio SK1 in pride of place. What an awesome stripped back rig! Lots of possibilities and some good limitations. A great listen, thanks Phillip!

His website is

Wikipedia says:

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Furby baby: of mice and bends

The furbymania at my patch bench is now worth sharing.

Click here to listen to my glitching furby

The best sources of Furbyness I found were:

I’ve hacked apart a mouse as a controller for my first furby – hey its a box with a few switches and a multi core lead already, so what’s not to like?! Well actually I had to messily use 2 leads ‘cos I wanted six not four wires :~(

A good bending tip to share is that you’re going to need to reset the critter fairly often so remoting the reset switch is real handy.

For my reference this is how its hooked up at the moment.

The common point on the furby (+V) connects to the common on the mouse board via white wire.

Glitch point to left mouse button via brown wire.

Loop 1 point to centre mouse button via green wire (lead one). This is the better loop point, next time move it to the right button

Loop 2 point to right mouse button via yellow wire (lead one).

Reset switch to one side of scroll switcher via green wire (lead two).

Reset switch to other side of scroll switcher via yellow wire (lead two).

Next time

I’m getting good results by holding the glitch mostly on and every now and then toggling the tummy button. This is a fairly crash proof strategy that yields long glitch sequences.

Also I’d settle for just one loop point and remove it from the scroll switcher. That’s still five wires, one too many for a standard mouse lead.

The case continues…

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Ultimate vegan yoghurt


If you’re serious about vegan yoghurt and you happen to live in Australia, you’ll already know that it’s impossible to buy any that doesn’t suffer from the clammy mouth feel of vegetable gum and the over zealous addition of sweeteners.

Real yoghurt is full bodied, creamy and sharp to the tongue.  Fond memories from my dairy days of excellent Greek yoghurt were recently rekindled on a visit to Europe where you can buy fantastic vegan yoghurt.  Returning home, I was determined to perfect a DIY version.

The secrets are a sterile container, a seeding wort of live yoghurt, acidophilus capsules and a warm place to grow the culture.

The sterile container is elegantly provided by the aluminium lined cardboard resealable soy milk carton.  I recommend Vitasoy Creamy Original – non GM, minimal additives and full fat content.

To this I add half a tub (87g) of plain live culture soy yoghurt.  The best available to me is Soy Life Vanilla crème.Rest assured the vanilla taste disappears into the background.  Fruit flavour versions are okay in an emergency. I use a small knife to poke it in through the soy carton opening.

To kick start the fermentation process I also add the contents of an acidopilus capsule.  Pictured is the Blackmores bottle, but I’ve since moved onto Inner Health Plus as each capsule contains loads more culture – available in health food shops. Look out for the dairy free version though!

Then simply reseal the soy milk carton, shake well and put in a warm place overnight.

I wrap the carton in a towel and put it in a cupboard on a 25Watt foot warmer, but good success can be had on top of your hot water tank or clothes drying rack.  Home brew beer shops sell “heat bands” that can do the same just-above room-temperature work.

Wait 24 hrs or so and enjoy fabulous DIY vegan yoghurt on your muesli or fruit.

To further thicken the yoghurt for robust creamy toppings on deserts and cakes you can hang it.  Drain out the liquid by using a muslin gauze lining in a cooking net.

I hope this makes your vegan yoghurt experience a more cultured one :~john

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Ultra nut loaf recipe


I love the crunch, texture and chew of food. If you do too, try this nut loaf recipe. Makes six to eight portions.

Soak 700g green split peas till not absorbing any more water.

Cook in gently bubbling boiling water for 15 mins till al dente.

Cook 2 cups of brown rice by your method.

With food processor, grind 300g brazil nuts, one onion, and 150g vegetarian “ham” in food processor. Don’t grind too fine – leave some chewy bits. Put in big mixing bowl.

Grind cooked rice till a little bit pasty, put in mix bowl.

Add one heaped tsp garlic paste, heaped tsp mustard, two tsp vegie stock powder, juice of one lemon and one heaped tsp corn flour. Hold back two cups of the cooked peas for the topping, add the rest to the mix.

Mix well, spoon into margerined baking tray, leave gap at top for topping.

Start pre heating the oven at 180 degrees.

Topping. Blend up two cups of cooked split peas with a pinch of salt and a splash of water to make a nice runny mix. Then in a hand mixing bowl add to the pea mush, half a can of soy milk, 100g grated soy cheese. Mix well, spoon out over loaf.

Top with some sliced tomatoes.

Bake at 180 degrees for approx 40mins.

Add salad and eat!      vertical loaf

Tips: I reckon the loaf usually has better consistency if left to cool for an hour and is even better after refrigeration. A classic “better the next day” dish.

Variations: Yellow split peas. Houmos instead of mushy peas in topping. Slices of eggplant on bottom of loaf. Crumbled hard tofu or pre-baked mushrooms can be added to loaf mixture.

Quietly vegan,  stealthily healthy and so easy to wash up after ;~)

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Krackle? Its a Snap!

Build a classic in an afternoon.
This little beauty really rocks! So much expressive possibilities in so few components.
I’ve spent may hours over a hot soldering iron brewing up complicated rubbish sound-generating circuits that are totally blown away by this one chip wonder.
BTW Does any one out there have opinions on the chip? Like does it really have to be a 709?
My friend triode said “nah that’s rubbish oldskoolism”.
Speaking of the old skool…
some nice crackle history here

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