John Jacobs shares a few leads

Super Glitch Barbie


Here’s my latest circuit bent toy sound maker based on a Super Talk Barbie doll voice circuit.

It’s super simple and lots of fun! All I’ve done is added a power starve control, a trigger switch and a reset switch to recover from crashes.

Unlike like the more conventional unbendable ‘black blob’ talking toys of this era that simply played one shot samples this kind of toy gets pretty quickly into complete gibberish and phoneme tone loops. I think the circuit is particularly susceptible to disruption by reduction of supply voltage because the microchip plays a sequence of random phrases to construct the output. Starve the voltage and the data address lines go crazy %~)

Tip: Clear plastic lunch-boxes with resealable clip lids make excellent quick D.I.Y. project boxes, easily worked, light, sturdy and stylish.

From a Barbie bending idea shared with me by Nick Wishart from Toydeath

Listen to a sound clip at sound sharing site

Good backgrounder to circuit bending here


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