John Jacobs shares a few leads

Short wave obsession

I am getting right back into listening to Short Wave radio broadcasts.

80 meter band frame antenna

It’s a backlash against so much time I spend in the world of online audio I guess.

It’s also because nothing sounds quite as romantic and evocative than any signal that has been subjected to the shifting, phasing noise of travelling half way round the the world’s ionosphere.

There are plenty of good net resources on the topic of Short wave one of my favorites is Shortwave Music.

I am in the process of researching and building antennas for better DX reception and also as part of Rod Cooper’s “Vessel” project. My assignment for that has been to evoke the sound of sea navigation. I think the phasing hiss and chatter of the Tropical bands may fit the bill nicely.

This is my latest antenna it is from a design here


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