John Jacobs shares a few leads

Furby baby: of mice and bends

The furbymania at my patch bench is now worth sharing.

Click here to listen to my glitching furby

The best sources of Furbyness I found were:

I’ve hacked apart a mouse as a controller for my first furby – hey its a box with a few switches and a multi core lead already, so what’s not to like?! Well actually I had to messily use 2 leads ‘cos I wanted six not four wires :~(

A good bending tip to share is that you’re going to need to reset the critter fairly often so remoting the reset switch is real handy.

For my reference this is how its hooked up at the moment.

The common point on the furby (+V) connects to the common on the mouse board via white wire.

Glitch point to left mouse button via brown wire.

Loop 1 point to centre mouse button via green wire (lead one). This is the better loop point, next time move it to the right button

Loop 2 point to right mouse button via yellow wire (lead one).

Reset switch to one side of scroll switcher via green wire (lead two).

Reset switch to other side of scroll switcher via yellow wire (lead two).

Next time

I’m getting good results by holding the glitch mostly on and every now and then toggling the tummy button. This is a fairly crash proof strategy that yields long glitch sequences.

Also I’d settle for just one loop point and remove it from the scroll switcher. That’s still five wires, one too many for a standard mouse lead.

The case continues…

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4 Responses

  1. […] seen the videos online and read some tutorials it was time to have a go at circuit-bending a […]

  2. patchwrangler says:

    Good one Nikki, thanks for the link, readers should know that you have a really excellent tutorial here plus a good round up of furby hacking links.
    Thanks John

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